OSI at Student Challenge // Studentlekene Bergen

Postet av OSI Ultimate Frisbee den 20. Nov 2018

From the 12th to the 14th of October 2018, two teams with a total of 19 players from OSI Ultimate went to Bergen to participate in “Studentlekene Bergen Challenge 2018”. It was a great opportunity for a lot of new players to play their first Ultimate games against other Norwegian teams – and to experience the awesome and friendly vibes during the “Spirit Circle” after each game. And what a great feeling to have a whole team of cheerleaders on the side line during each match! Both teams played two games Friday, visited Fløyfjellet and the stunning view over Bergen, went out for dinner and beers together in the evening and got up early Saturday to play more Ultimate. After some really good games where both teams stepped up their game, we celebrated the challenge at a big Banquet and had a party! All in all, a really nice, funny, active and social weekend 😉. A big thanks goes to all the sweet, welcoming Bergen players who opened their home and hosted all of us!


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